About Us


Hello everyone, I am Bob Lee, Joint Owner and Manager of Centennial Commercial Properties, N.W., L.L.C. and the proud Landlord of Park Plaza Shopping Center in Deer Park WA. We purchased the Park Plaza Shopping Center (previously Deer Park South) in September 2009 and have since then been working diligently to upgrade and restore the property to its full commercial retail and office leasing potential supporting the Deer Park Wa community.

Over the last few years we have completed numerous projects improving the center to include a new shopping center parking lot, renovated main pylon sign, refreshed landscaping, and upgraded front and rear exterior paint scheme. In addition, all our occupied commercial retail and office suites at Park Plaza Shopping Center have high efficiency T-8 lighting and brand new high efficiency heating and cooling units thereby reducing our tenants retail and office space operating costs.

Accomplishing these retail and office space improvements has been a lot of fun, but what is really gratifying is to hear the positive comments from the greater Deer Park WA residents and businesses on what a benefit these changes to Park Plaza Shopping Center have brought, not only to the shopping center, but to the Deer Park WA community as well.

In short, we are thrilled to have become a part of th Deer Park WA family of businesses and look forward to repopulating Park Plaza Shopping Center with a broad mix of commercial retail and office organizations servicing the City’s growing commercial retail and office space leasing needs.


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